Partners play the only role in our growth.

Our past experience with direct sales abroad taught us an expensive and valuable lesson. We weren’t able to quickly become the market leader in a country with a shared language and proximity to our headquarters.

Selling ERP solutions to construction and installation companies in different countries demands thorough local market knowledge and a physical presence for effective implementations.

Thanks to our partners, we are now becoming the market leader in the country where our direct sales efforts were insufficient.

Partner Program

Earn the highest commissions in the market.

We pride ourselves of offering the highest commissions for Cloud solutions in the market. And we’ll also reward you for taking good care of the customers who are so valuable to us both. That’s why Robaws offers generous recurring revenue on annual cloud ERP subscriptions.


Because we strongly believe that - like in any relationship - only a win-win partnership lasts. Regardless if you want to collaborate with us as a reseller, a value added reseller, an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) or a referral agent. You can also count on:

  • No starting fees. There’s no charge to get started as a Robaws Partner. That means you’ll probably save about 7.500 – 14.000 EUR in startup fees that you can use to grow your Robaws business.
  • No annual fees. You’ll continue to save thousands of Euros every year you remain a partner, as we offer free licenses to partners. We want partners to work with our solution and are not the type of company that will charge you for being able to give a demo of our solution.
  • A steady stream of sales leads. We distribute 100% of the leads we generate to partners like you.
  • Less unbillable time. All those hours you’re spending providing tech support to your customers probably aren’t billable. Since Robaws is a cloud-based software, partnering with us typically leads to a reduction in your unbillable support costs as your customers experience streamlined operations.

That’s what we can do for your bottom line. What can we do for your customers?

Join the fastest growing Cloud ERP for construction and installation

Our partners determine our product development roadmap.

We assume that our partners know what our joint customers require in your market. Whether it’s GAEB or GoBD in Germany, CUF in the Netherlands or an integration with Xero, QuickBooks and Sage in the United Kingdom. You know exactly what your customers need. This explains why our partners determine our product development roadmap.

Instead of going the usual (long and expensive) route of winning individual customers over one by one, Robaws can accelerate the go to market in new countries by listening carefully to its partners abroad. We even hop on calls and commit to development changes in case necessary to close deals that can move the needle in a market.


Robaws does not depend on external investors.

Robaws will always stay independent and will never become dependent of external investors. At Robaws, we refer to our investment stage as Series B, where B stands for Bootstrapped. We came to this point by working hard and re-investing our cash flows in our business. A way of working that probably rings a bell to most of you.

And working with partners offers an additional advantage, as we’ll never need to invest in a sales army - allowing for extra investments in product development.


Experience the shortest deal cycles in ERP.

Robaws developed an out-of-the-box ‘turnkey’ ERP solution for construction & installation companies. Our solution was born in the Cloud and therefore entails extremely short deal cycles. In addition to faster sales cycles, our out-of-the-box platform was built for construction & installation companies, leading to higher rates for billable hours. Rather than invoicing low rates for local installations of an on premise solution, you can shift gears and focus on setting up complex workflows for billing or calculations.


Feel free to market (your own) add-on solutions.

The Robaws family has increased in size, but still holds entrepreneurship as a core value. We strongly believe in the value that partners can bring when building their own solutions or integrations. We encourage you to develop anything that you deem relevant - from basic calculation templates for painting companies to integrations with OpenAI - and allow you to market your own solutions either directly to our joint end customers or via our store for an even broader reach.

Our open API will excite your developers, with all documentation available here. Feel free to start developing today.


It’s easy to apply and get started.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Robaws family as a Partner. Before we start, we need to take care of some important formalities. Representing our brand internationally requires a short dating period during which we can assess if we indeed have a good match.


Become a Robaws partner