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Quotations in Robaws
Quotations in Robaws

Construction quoting software: generate professional quotations in a flash

With our construction quoting software, you can quickly and easily create quotes that exude professionalism and transparency to your clients.

This clarity undoubtedly results in satisfaction and opens doors for new projects.

Construction quoting software

Save the overview

Bring order to the chaos and consult a list of all pending and approved quotations. This makes follow-up a lot easier, especially if you use the search bar to filter targeted data. Wondering if your predetermined targets were achieved and what the expected turnover is? This information is provided in an organised overview under the 'analysis' tab.

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Save the overview

Personalised and professional

Aesthetically pleasing. Make an impression with transparent and professional quotations. Integrate your own corporate identity, letterhead, font and add photos as desired in the pre-created template. From now on, send unambiguous and personalised quotations in a single click.

Personalised and professional quotations

Digital signature

Simplify matters as much as possible for yourself and your customers. After sending the quotation, you can easily track its status: received, read or signed. What’s more, the latter can be achieved completely digitally and securely with one push of a button. This means you avoid unnecessary paperwork, speed up the processing time and have the system immediately convert the quotation into an invoice.

Sign quotations digitally

Automated latest prices

Thanks to the integrated link with various web shops, you always use the latest prices when compiling your quotation. Even if the quotation is on hold for a while, a single click of a button and you are fully up-to-date again. It means you save time and make optimal use of your margins.

Automated and synced prices from webshops

Tailored to your needs

Compile quotations tailored to your needs. Add necessary fields and remove unnecessary items in the template. This enables you to increase efficiency, save time and send quotations with the appropriate content to the right contacts with the necessary attachments

Quotations tailored to your needs

You are just one click away from improved quotations.

Talk to Laurens, Charlotte, Paul or another member of our customer team. They will be delighted to examine how our quotation module can best help you.

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These extensive features make all the difference


Prepare quotations faster by using quotation templates!

Legal peace of mind

Automatically include the General Terms and Conditions in a single attachment with every quotation sent.


Obtain an insight into your pipeline & expected sales


If a schedule changes significantly, you run the risk of conflicts.  Robaws shows you where the conflicts are, per employee & machine.


You can also conveniently take notes or photos on the road with the Robaws app.

E-mail templates

Create an e-mail template to quickly send an invoice or a reminder.

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