Manage profitability

The financial statement is a clear representation of costs in relation to revenue. View your return any way you want: based on a project, item or calculation of, for example, material, labour, subcontracting, direct costs and so on. This will result in even more realistic costing in the future and increased profit margins.

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Manage profitability

Project analysis

The dashboard provides a complete overview of all projects. You can consult projects that have been completed, ongoing and upcoming projects. Retrieve the desired data using selected filters and view important information. This makes it easy to track projects and respond quickly to upcoming tasks.

Analyse projects

Save the overview

In the digital project sheet, you will find all the info you need from contacts to construction partners, such as architects, subcontractors, reporters and safety coordinators. In addition, you have access to all prices, margins and rates. These can be customised and are automatically transferred to your invoicing, accounts receivable, work orders and/or additional quotations.

Overview of your projects

You are just one click away from improved planning.

Thanks to the user-friendly tool, you can create schedules in an instant and save precious time. Talk to Laurens, Charlotte, Paul or another member of our customer team. They will be delighted to examine how our calculation module can best help you.

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These extensive features make all the difference

Project monitoring

Split a project into different categories and consult the profitability of each category!

Construction partners

Include your construction chain partners in one place.  Communication is so much easier!


Recording budget changes gives you a crystal clear projection!  Identify problems before they arise.

Project file

Customise your project file with the information that is really important using the additional fields.

Delivery notes

A delivery note registers articles or equipment coming into your workshop. It is an efficient way of registering and verifying quantities and delivery dates.

E-mail templates

Create an e-mail template to quickly send an invoice or a reminder.

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