Still selling on premise solutions? Even though you know that the game will be over soon?
Hungry to start growing exponentially, rather than feeling constant growth limitations?
Tired of selling solutions that lack the in-depth functionalities needed for construction and installation?


The old days are over.
Whether old-school venders like it or not.

For small companies who lack the (real) ambition to grow, basic accounting tools and Excel spreadsheets usually work well at the back office. However, some of your existing customers and prospects want more. And your current software vendor has proven to be unable to deliver what your customers want, thereby limiting your growth and the satisfaction of your customer base.

Give construction & installation companies the software features they need to grow from a startup to a well-managed midsize company that uses technology to work smart rather than hard. Offer solid Cloud functionality that processes catalogues with more than 100.000 articles at the blink of an eye. And provide serious calculation parameters and easy-to-use rules that allow for quotations in a matter of seconds, rather than hours.

If the above paragraph sounds great and you’ve been disappointed by other vendors’ promises, we’ll be asking 1 hour of (y)our precious time. That’s typically what we need to convince potential partners to join our programme.

Or have you heard about us from peers? Then just apply to our partner programme directly to enhance the lives of companies that have outgrown basic accounting tools and spreadsheets or just want to enter a new digital Cloud-based era.

Grow exponentially while delivering solid value to your customer base.

Become a partner

Your success = our success

We help you to get up to speed quickly, which means that all of our partners have done their first deals within three months after having become a Robaws partner. Forget the days when you needed a year to do your first deals and start selling while onboarding with Robaws.

Below, you can find some of the benefits that we offer to our partners on a continuous basis:

  • Sales collateral - Robaws provides you with professional sales collateral that your sales reps can use to get deals closed. Our experience of selling directly in our home country has brought ample insights on the sales methodology and processes.
  • Onboarding program - Upon joining the Robaws family, you’ll be welcomed by a tailor-made onboarding program. We take the experience in your company into account, when assisting you both from a business development and technical onboarding point of view.
  • Pre-sales resources from our partner success team - You’ll be introduced to a unique Partner Success Manager, who will help you both for technical onboarding as well as in doing your first deals as a pre-sales engineer.
  • Implementation assistance - Your dedicated Partner Success Manager will also assist you during your first implementation projects and will be available for ongoing support afterwards. In addition, you’ll also get access to our product owner (who happens to be our founder & CEO) for the most complex technical questions.
  • Partner Portal - You’ll get access to newsflashes, collateral, financial dashboards for your commissions and any other relevant material via our partner portal.
  • Marketing insights - We’ll share relevant Marketing do’s and don’ts based on our experience and what we notice in the market. From which keywords to use in SEO, to what social platforms for SEA and events/roadshows to organize.

And last but definitely not least. We’ll meet for celebration visits at our HQ in Belgium. And we’ll make sure that you want to come back when achieving the next milestone.

Become a Robaws partner