Digital planning

In the app, every employee can see what’s on the schedule. Thanks to convenient GPS integration, they can travel to the right location of their next assignment at the touch of a button. Once on site, they use the digital list of tasks to get to work efficiently and independently.

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Simple time registration

After finishing work, employees enter the hours worked in the app. Additional information such as the type of work and number of breaks can also be added. Were they working with multiple colleagues at the same location? If so, they can easily add each other for the job concerned.

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Material registration

Employees can find and select the desired items using the simple tree structure in the app. Do you use barcodes? Then all you have to do is scan the relevant barcode and the item will be added to the order automatically. This keeps you up to date at all times with material consumption and remaining stock.

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Digital documentation and information

The digital work order is the ideal resource for passing on all the important info and saving it afterwards. For example: important documents, accompanying information, contact details, order form and so on. Moreover, photos of the work carried out and the mileage driven can also be added to complete the work order.

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Transparency for the customer

Avoid discussions and allow the customer to digitally sign the work order on the spot. This provides clarity and speeds up administrative processing. All done? You can send the work order to your back office at the touch of a button.

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You are just one click away from improved planning.

Thanks to the user-friendly tool, you can create schedules in an instant and save precious time. Talk to Laurens, Charlotte, Paul or another member of our customer team. They will be delighted to examine how our calculation module can best help you.

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Also interesting for your company

These extensive features make all the difference


Besides Dutch, the work order app is also available in English, Bulgarian, French, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Slovakian, Albanian, Turkish and Ukrainian.


You can still fill in the work order in the deepest basement.

Always the right materials

Scan barcodes or choose the materials used with simple photos.

Track & Trace

Compare the registered hours with how long the worker was on site according to the GPS.

Delivery notes

A delivery note registers articles or equipment coming into your workshop. It is an efficient way of registering and verifying quantities and delivery dates.

E-mail templates

Create an e-mail template to quickly send an invoice or a reminder.

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