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Planning in Robaws
Planning in Robaws

Construction planning software: control your schedule, anytime, anywhere!

With our construction planning software, you gain control over your schedule and maintain overview in every situation.

Thanks to our planning tool, you have insight into available staff, teams, materials, and any subcontractors anytime, anywhere.

Construction planning software

Flexible planning

The tool anticipates last-minute changes or unforeseen circumstances. This allows planned works to be moved in the daily schedule or on a longer-term basis. If scheduling conflicts occur, you automatically receive a notification so that the necessary adjustments can be made. As a result, there are no surprises and your schedule runs without a hitch.

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Easy, visually and flexible planning

Long-term overview

Obtain an overview of all current short-term and long-term projects at the click of a button. Ongoing quotations are also visible, allowing you to correctly inform customers about possible start dates of new projects at any time.

Visualize all projects

More than three good reasons to opt for Robaws planning software.

  • Use colour coding to create an easy-to-understand schedule for construction projects.
  • Consult an overview of available employees, shifts, materials and subcontractors anytime, anywhere.
  • Share personal lists of tasks with employees by including contact details, focal points and necessary materials in your schedule.
Easy planning for every project

Automatic workforce calculation

At the start of each project, you can estimate how many workers will be needed for each phase. The planning tool automatically converts this into the number of working days per phase and per project. It means you spend less time on daily planning and maintain an optimal overview.

Automatic workforce calculation

You are just one click away from improved planning.

Thanks to the user-friendly tool, you can create schedules in an instant and save precious time. Talk to Laurens, Charlotte, Paul or another member of our customer team. They will be delighted to examine how our calculation module can best help you.

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These extensive features make all the difference

Waiting room

Keep track of tasks that still need to be done here.


Do you regularly work on the same type of assignments or with the same team composition? Save time with a template.

Recurring planning

Schedule recurring tasks


If a schedule changes significantly, you run the risk of conflicts. Robaws shows you where the conflicts are, per employee & machine.


Share the planning easily via Wappy, our work order app, an integration with Google or Microsoft calendar, or by e-mail

E-mail templates  

Create an e-mail template to quickly send an invoice or a reminder.

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