Ten years ago, Paul Herwege pioneered padel in our country. After visiting and training in Spain, the foundations were also laid in Belgium, where it is now the country’s fastest-growing sport. Herwebo evolved from a traditional construction company, active in new construction and renovation, to become the ultimate reference for the construction of padel courts.

Rapid growth

The company grew from an organisation with three employees, to a solid SME with now 21 employees. At Herwebo, everyone ‘breathes’ sport, in the company as a whole. All employees play two to three times a week, very convenient when there are always some courts available at work. Managing Director Paul explains that they even use it as an added bonus in job interviews with potential employees.

Together with son Ward Herwege, they currently construct up to 25 courts a month. For day-to-day operations, they rely on Robaws. We have now compiled hundreds of quotations. Padel has become so popular that at times it’s all hands on deck to meet demand. Especially when you know that we are not just constructing the courts, but suddenly now find ourselves also training padel instructors to coach new players.

Switching when needed

Their original activities as a traditional construction firm have been put on the back burner, but when necessary they seamlessly switch from one activity to another within Robaws. This is one of the package's great strengths according to Paul. By now, we are so familiar with the system and all its features that we honestly cannot imagine how we would cope without Robaws.

About Herwebo

Herwebo is located in Zele, in East Flanders and operates all over the country. For more info, check out the RedSport Padel Belgium website, where you will also find everything you need for the sport, such as rackets, machines, etc.

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