“The first thing we noticed right away was the modern, clean interface, which immediately made us eager to get to work with it,” revealed Managing Director Balder Six. “We soon opted for ROBAWS because we felt the information we received about the cost and the programme’s possibilities was communicated so honestly.”

Keeping up with the latest trends

“Nowadays, every company faces huge administrative challenges. For example, e-invoicing is promoted, a lot of information needs to be tracked and customers expect faster service than ever. Basically, an administration package is indispensable. No company really looks forward to switching to a new software package; a lot of time is lost in the process,” says Balder. “But when I discovered Robaws, this proved not to be the case. I had finally found a package that I could quickly get to work with and at the same time adopt the latest trends, without spending hours trying to puzzle out how it all worked.”

Visual quotations
Balder: “We now add clarity to our quotations by including photos. It means our customers can understand us better when, for example, we talk about a particular type of swing gate we can install. We find it allows our customers to take a decision faster.”

Adapted to the sector
Balder considers Robaws to be the perfect solution for its industry. “At start-up, we chose the functionalities we wanted to use and there are lots of options. As a result, this software represents the ideal solution for almost any construction company. We have since recommended the programme many times to acquaintances who are keen to move forward with their construction business, and three of them already jumped on board. Just like us, they receive assistance with any enquiries within 24 hours, which really does make their service unique.”

Balder Six - Managing Director of Basix

About Basix

BASIX is a company specialising in enclosures. Gates, gabions and many types of enclosures are installed by the team of ten employees. Opt for BASIX and you get superior customisation and execution. Managing Director Balder Six and Birger Deblauwe strive to follow up with their customers personally on any comments or requests, ensuring top-notch service.

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A modern interface, visualisation of quotes and the way the software is perfectly tailored to our sector. It is already highly recommended for any construction company.

Balder Six
Managing director

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"As far as we are concerned, Robaws is the ideal package for the construction industry."

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"Our company has grown a lot in recent years. Robaws helped ensure it went smoothly and in a structured manner."

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“We discovered Robaws during Batibouw 2020. We had a short demo there and were quite impressed by the package. We were immediately struck by how easy it was to use.”

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