Embarking on digitisation

I started digitising my organisation back in 2013. It’s something that has always interested me and I’d been looking for the ideal tool to process my work orders for a long time. After some tests with other programmes, in 2018, I ended up with a well-known software package for the construction industry. That administration package was all right and did improve my administration, yet there were also some shortcomings.


An introduction to Robaws

A year ago, I met an employee of Robaws via the BNI. Although I was just getting started with my software at the time, I closely monitored Robaws’ progress.

I noticed that the company was adding new functionalities and improvements to the software every month. When Robaws launched a work order app called Wappy, I was totally convinced to take the plunge. Although I seriously hesitated, I now realise that it is the best decision I have ever taken. The programme's ease of use and convenience contrasts sharply with other construction software packages. And with regard to Robaws' staff, there are simply no words. Every time I call or e-mail, I immediately get the info I need. Robaws is a fantastic programme and has first-class people!”

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